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It is December again, a month full of cosiness, curtains closed, candles that burn and together for the fireplace with a hot cup of tea! With the holidays in prospect it is so much fun to decorate the home and make it an extra comfy and warm place. Think of shiny copper when decorating your house. A super trendy colour that adds a warm glow and a romantic atmosphere to your interior. Perfect for the holidays!



Just a touch of copper will make any interior shine! With its subtle, contemporary glow it adds a chic but also a tough, industrial appearance to the home. Try to combine this glamorous colour with black, white and grey. Or, if you prefer a soft and bright interior, combine this modern metal with sweet pastels. Anyway, warm and rich shades of copper work well in any home interior.


Kopertrend interieur


DIY tip: Do you want to add the copper trend to your home interior but you don't want to buy a complete new Christmas collection? Collect (old) home decorations or Christmas accessories and buy a copper spray. Then spray the shiny colour on all your items and your brand-new copper X-Mas collection is born!

ESTAhome.nl wishes you happy holidays and lots of fun decorating your home!


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